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Aplus finetek group was established in 2010, Finetek Group was established in 1979 the head quarter is in Taiwan and owns several overseas subsidiary in order to serve our global customers.

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Aplus Finetek Sensor, Inc. announces the availability of its latest product addition JFR3 FMCW radar level transmitter.

Non-contact level measurement for liquid in most tanks. With its high precision and stability, it is widely used in liquid level detection Process Control Process Automation in Industrial Automation.
Support MQTT Cloud & Sensor Things API. Available Bluetooth plug-in module accessories.
Able to measure corrosive & toxic liquids, hydrocarbons & slurries. Measurement unaffected by specific gravity, temperature, viscosity or foam. Echo wave display for accurate parameter setting. Measuring range scanning, background noise editing & removal, save function.

Able to indicate distance, material level, percentage and current 4~20mA. Can be calibrated and parameterized using FAS software for PC.

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Aplus finetek Sensor, Inc. is the USA subsidiary of Finetek, Ltd. a global manufacturer, headquartered in Taiwan, with more than 40 years of quality and innovative instrumentation for process measurement and control solutions.
This experience includes level, flow, temperature, pressure, and other related areas. Aplus Finetek Sensor, Inc. is your best partner to solve your measurement needs to maximize your production efficiency, minimize product loss and unnecessary downtime, and maintain the highest standards of safety without sacrificing quality.
Aplus finetek Sensor, Inc. Established in 1978 by Mr Wu Ting Kuo, FineTek business model is based on providing complete customized solutions for a wide range of industrial automation process applications – in liquid level, flow, pressure and temperature. Click here for more
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