Bin Level Indicator with Cover-Chain is Technician Friendly

Aplus Finetek Sensor, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of its new technician friendly feature, the cover-chain, as a part of its unique SRP series rotary paddle bin level indicator. Have you ever installed a bin level indicator high up on the side of a silo or on the top of a grain dryer or bin? You take the cover off, but what do you do with it to make sure you don’t drop it to the ground?

It’s difficult to hold the cover while you also wire the level indicator. Now you don’t have to worry about it, but only if you are using the SRP series rotary paddle bin level indicator with cover chain.  Aplus Finetek is the first to offer this technician-friendly cover chain feature.

The SRP series bin level indicator is a rotary paddle device which already offers unique and state-of-the-art features at an economical price. Now the SRP can also be equipped with this new secure cover-chain, as well as with a 20-250VAC/VDC universal power supply and a local LED indication of the normal or alarm state of the unit. The cover-chain option uses a secure link chain attached between the unit screw-on/off cover and the unit housing. This means you can remove the cover for wiring installation or changes without having to hold onto the cover while doing the wiring. The secure cover-chain makes sure the cover is retained to the installed housing.

The SRP series rotary paddle bin level indicator is available in two versions; 1) low-cost basic with microswitch output(s) and blind cover, and 2) the full-featured version with 20-250VAC/VDC, local LED indication and more which is available at the price of competitors basic units.

For more information look at our SRP product page and contact Aplus Finetek Sensor, Inc. at 815-632-3132 or email us at

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