Bulk Solids Flow Aids

Aplus Finetek Sensor, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of its bulk solids flow aids, including a line of pneumatic industrial vibrators, the B series, and a line of aerators pads the RA series.  Consisting of pneumatic Piston and Rotary styles, the B series pneumatic industrial vibrators are cost-effective and reliable devices for assisting the discharge of bulk solid materials from bins, hoppers and silos.  The RA is a rectangular aerator pad, and is the standard in concrete batching plants.

The BAH and BVP units are pneumatic single-shot air hammer (BAH) and direct or air-cushioned low frequency piston type (BVP) industrial vibrators. The rotary vibrators include the BVK ball vibrator, BVR ring type vibrator and the BVT turbine vibrator. Rotary pneumatic vibrators offer good energy and quiet operation, especially when compared to other types of pneumatic industrial vibrators.

Our line of RA aerator pads are industry standard size for a wide range of applications to aid flow by adding the lost air back into the material in containment thus promoting flow.

Aplus Finetek is the USA subsidiary of Finetek Ltd, a leading global manufacturer of bulk solids flow aids and instrumentation for the powder, bulk solids and liquid process industries. For more information about the B series pneumatic industrial vibrators and RA series aerators please contact Aplus Finetek Sensor, Inc. at 815-632-3132 or email us at info@aplusfine.com.

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