Bulk Solids Instrumentation Trends – Safety First!

Industry recognized leading expert in level measurement and detection, Joe Lewis, spoke out recently in the December 2015 issue of Powder Bulk Solids magazine about a topic in bulk solids instrumentation.  Mr. Lewis spoke of whether safety is the preeminent feature of design regarding level sensing instrumentation in powder bulk solids processing, storage and handling.  See what he has to say right here.  Industry Insights Safety First – Powder Bulk Solids Magazine 2015

Mr. Lewis is a directing consultant for Aplus Finetek Sensor and provides guidance, support and direction of operations in North America for all markets, including the important bulk solids markets.  He is the author of Solids Level Measurement and Detection Handbook published by Momentum Press.  Please contact Mr. Lewis with any questions at info@aplusfine.com or 815-632-3132.