Liquid Level Transmitter Provides High Accuracy

Aplus Finetek Sensor, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability and use of the EG series liquid level transmitter.  Consisting of the EG31, EG32, EG34 for use in ordinary locations and the EG36 and EG37 for use in hazardous explosionproof areas, the EG employs the use of magnetostrictive technology to precisely and reliably measure the continuously changing level of a wide variety of fluids.  Accurate liquid level transmitters are important for precise control of a wide range of processes.

How it works …. The EG continuous liquid level transmitter uses the principles of buoyancy and magnetostriction to accurately measure the changing level of coolant.  A float, appropriately sized for the specific fluid density, is mounted on the liquid level transmitter stem such that the float will travel up and down due to the buoyancy of the fluid being measured.  The float contains a magnetic element.  To locate the float position the EG liquid level transmitter electronics sends a short current pulse down a sensor wire located within the transmitter stem with a specific frequency, setting up a magnetic field along its entire length.  This field interacts immediately with the field generated by the magnet contained within the float.  The overall effect is that during the brief time that the current flows, a torsional force is produced in the wire, much like a sonic vibration or wave, and travels back to the EG electronics.  A timing circuit exists within the electronics which measures the time-of-flight (TOF) between the start of the current pulse and the return signal. In this manner the float’s location (and therefore the fluid level) is very precisely determined and presented as a level signal by the liquid level transmitter, typically 4-20mA.

The EG series includes the EG31, standard, high temperature and anti-corrosive versions in a 2-wire design liquid level transmitter.  The EG32 and EG34 are high accuracy versions of 2-wire and 4-wire designs providing as good as 0.004” (100µm) in this high accuracy liquid level transmitter.  The EG36 and 37 are explosionproof and intrinsically safe versions of the liquid level transmitter for use in hazardous areas.  Analog, MODBUS RS485 and HART signal outputs are available, single or dual float versions (can be used for interface measurement), and an integrated temperature measurement function and many other features and options are available.

For more information about the EG series liquid level transmitter line click here and please contact Aplus Finetek Sensor, Inc. at 815-632-3132 or email us at

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