Pressure Switch

A pressure switch is used for a wide variety of applications.  High pressure cutoff for safety purposes, low pressure detection for proper production and others.  The pressure switch can be compact, reliable and cost effective.  The pressure switch can operate based on a number of methods.

The pressure switch available from Aplus Finetek is the SQ series pressure switch.  The SQ series is a pressure switch available in a wide variety of configurations.  The SQ utilizes an internal diaphragm which is subjected to the process pressure through a connection in the application.  Opposing the pressure switch diaphragm is a compression spring.  When the process pressure is greater than the force of the compression spring the switch contact will open or close depending on the choice of the contact form selected.  The SQ pressure switch is typically used in a pressurized system to accomodate the sensing and controlling of process pressure within a defined or determined pressure for the application process or use.

Example applications include:

  • Pressure control for automotive systems
  • Monitoring pressure in process piping
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Sprinkler equipment
  • Lubrication systems
  • Air compressors and equipment
  • Manufacturing systems that require pressure control for safety protection

For a further look at a pressure switch product line you can visit our SQ series product page or download the SQ series pressure switch sales catalog.

For more information on the SQ series pressure switch product line you can contact us at 815-632-3132.

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