PB/PM Series Panel Meters

PB/PM Series is a product line of panel meters including bargraph and/or digital displays.  A variety of input types are available, including 2-wire analog input (transmitter power supply included as standard).  These panel meters are cost-effective, packed full of features and easy to install and setup.

Product Description

PB/PM series panel meters include bargraph and/or digital display units. Using microprocessor based electronics, modular design concepts, advanced digital calibration and switching power supply technology the PB/PM panel meters are available with a wide range of input types. For 2-wire loop powered analog inputs the PB/PM units provide the necessary transmitter power supply built-in to the panel meters.

Single loop input, the PB/PM panel meters are full-featured, easy to read and install.  Options include up to 6 relay outputs, retransmission analog output, RS485 MODBUS serial link and a 20-point non-linear tank volume conversion function. Sizes include 3/16 and 1/8 DIN.  The PB/PM panel meters are high value and packed full of great features!

The PB is a bargraph and digital display panel meter, providing both an analog (bargraph) and digital display or readout.  The PB panel meter comes in 3/16 DIN.

The PM series is a digital display panel meter, offered with a wide range of input types.  Horizontal orientation only, the PM digital display panel meter can be optionally equipped like the PB units.  The PM series comes in a 1/8 DIN standard size.

The PB/PM series of panel meters can be optionally equipped with a linearization feature for use in converting a level measurement to estimated tank volume or weight by means of a built-in 20 point look-up table.  When the tank linearization option is ordered, a PC software accessory Is included with the PB/PM unit that allows the user to select his tank shape, enter the specific tank dimensions and the software will then calculate and provide information regarding the 20 points for use with the tank linearization option.

  • Bargraph and/or digital displays
  • Single or dual channel
  • Transmitter power supply for 2-wire loop powered input
  • Variety of input types
  • Non-linear tank volume calculation, retransmission output and relay outputs available
  • Horizontal or vertical orientation
  • Bargraph/digital panel meter size: 3/16 DIN
  • Digital panel meter size: 1/8 DIN
  • Power supply: 85-265VAC, 50/60Hz or 18-36VDC
  • Bargraph: 101 LED segment
  • Digital display: 4 digit, 0.56″ high 7-segment LED
  • 2-wire power supply: 24VDC, 50mA
  • Operating temperature: -4⁰F~158⁰F (-20⁰C~70⁰C)


  • Display measured process variables such as temperature, level, flow and
    pressure using Aplus Finetek or any brand of sensors
  • Provide retransmission of measured variable via analog output
  • Provide alarm and control output with up to 8 relay outputs


  • Water/wastewater
  • Chemical
  • Petrochemical
  • Grain and agriculture
  • Aggregates
  • Cement
  • Concrete
  • Many others

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PB/PM Operation Manual

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