SAL Series RF Admittance Point Level Sensor

SAL Series RF Admittance Point Level Sensor

The SAL Series is an RF admittance point level sensor comprising of an active probe section, guard section and grounding section with insulation sleeves between the sections. The SAL RF admittance point level sensor monitors for the presence and absence of a liquid, bulk solid or slurry material by detecting the change of admittance between the active and grounding sections, which is caused by the change from material presence to absence or the reverse.  The SAL includes two versions, the SAL18 and SAL17.  The SAL18 is the most advance and includes pushbutton calibration for simplified installation and setup.

Product Description

The SAL series RF admittance point level sensor features automatic build-up immunity which is especially helpful with target materials that are sticky or may pack between the vessel wall and the probe. The guard section is used to provide this immunity and is activated with the same RF signal as the active probe section. Since current cannot flow between the same potentials, the guard section effectively blocks the current flow from the active probe through the build-up to the grounding section at the vessel wall, ensuring the accuracy and application reliability of the sensor.  There are two versions of the SAL, the SAL17 and SAL18.  The SAL18 is the most advanced, including pushbutton calibration and independently adjustable time delay for material detection and absence.

  • Universal 20-250VAC/VDC power supply
  • Local LED indication
  • Automatic build-up immunity
  • SAL18 includes pushbutton calibration for simplified setup
  • Minimum target material dielectric of 1.5
  • High temperature capability up to 842⁰F (450⁰C)
  • Wide range of probes for liquid, bulk solid and slurry applications
  • Explosionproof version available (SB series)
  • Adjustable time delay, remote test and fail-safe
  • 20-250VAC/VDC universal power supply
  • Versions: standard, high temperatures, cable extended and mini probe
  • Operating temperatures up to 302⁰F (150⁰C) standard, (842⁰F/450⁰C – high temperature unit)
  • Probe materials 304SS, 316SS or 316LSS
  • IP65 and NEMA 4X rated diecast aluminum enclosure (powder coated)
  • One or Two SPDT relay output, 5A@240VAC/28VDC, NPN/PNP available
  • Adjustable time delay for material detection AND absence independently (SAL18 only)
  • Insulator materials dependent on probe version, Teflon, PEEK or Ceramic


  • Trigger an alarm annunciator, turn on/off a light
  • Close a valve to shutoff vessel filling
  • Open a valve to discharge material
  • Input to PLC/DCS for control point function


  • Food
  • Plastics
  • Chemical
  • Water/wastewater
  • Many others

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