SC35 Series Vibrating Fork Point Level Sensor

SC35 Series Vibrating Fork Point Level Sensor

The SC35 Series is a vibrating fork point level sensor or tuning fork level switch, specifically designed to detect the presence and absence of a broad range of powder and bulk solid materials, including settled solids in an aqueous liquid.  It is ideal for materials with density from 0.624lbs/cubic-foot (10g/l) and up.

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Product Description

The SC35 series is a vibrating fork point level sensor that is ideal for powder and bulk solids with bulk densities from 0.624lbs/cubic-foot (10g/l) and up. The SC35 series vibrating fork point level sensor utilizes piezoelectric crystal and solid state electronics technologies to produce vibration in the tuning fork element at a specific frequency and receive electronic feedback. When the probe element is covered or in contact with the target material the vibration is dampened, the electronic feedback changes and presence of the material is thereby sensed by the electronics, which changes the state of the sensor output to indicate material presence. When the probe element is again free of the target material the vibration again is produced, the output state reverts to indicate material absence.

  • Universal 19-253VAC/VDC power supply
  • Unique self-diagnostics detects material build-up and fork abrasion
  • Ideal for very lightweight materials (≥0.624lbs/cubic-foot; 10g/l) and up
  • Compact enclosure (only 3.3″ diameter)
  • Potted electronics sealed from environment
  • No calibration required, easy to setup and use
  • Dust explosionproof versions available
  • Standard, high temperature, solid pipe extended and flexible cable extended units
  • Process temperature of -40⁰F~302⁰F (-40⁰C~150⁰C), 536⁰F (280⁰C) high temperature max.
  • Operating pressure of 362psi (25bar) maximum
  • Two SPDT Relay or Transistor output
  • IP65 / NEMA 4X powder coated diecast aluminum enclosure
  • 304SS, 316SS, 316LSS and coated probe materials
  • Selectable time delay
  • Minimum density of 0.624lbs/cubic-foot (10g/l)


  • High, low and intermediate level control for powder and bulk solids
  • Ideal for detecting very lightweight materials when other technologies and products cannot
  • Can be used for some interface fluid/solid interface detection


  • Plastic processing
  • Food & ingredient production
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Specialty chemical
  • Wood processing
  • Foam and fiber production
  • Grain processing
  • Many others

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SC35 Series Operation Manual

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