SQ Series Pressure Switch

SQ Series Pressure Switch

The SQ Series pressure switch is available in a wide variety of configurations.  The SQ pressure switch utilizes an internal diaphragm which is subjected to the process pressure through a connection in the application.  A variety of fixed or adjustable ranges, and electrical connections, are available.

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Product Description

SQ series is a pressure switch product line using an internal diaphragm that is exposed to process pressure via the pressure switch threaded process connection. Opposing the diaphragm is a compression spring.  When the process pressure is greater than the force of the compression spring the switch contact will open or close depending on the choice of the contact form. The SQ series pressure switch is typically used in a pressurized system to accommodate the sensing and controlling of process pressure within a defined or determined pressure range for the application process or use.

  • Robust pressure switch even in severe duty applications
  • Choice of body materials; 316SS, zinc plated steel and brass
  • Selectable contact, electrical connection and accessories
  • Adjustable or fixed pressure
  • High quality and cost effective
  • Zinc plated steel, 316SS or brass materials
  • Standard and high pressure SPST switches, standard pressure SPDT switches
  • Screw terminal, push-on or spade connectors available
  • DIN and socket connector types available
  • 14⁰F~212⁰F (-10⁰C~100⁰C) operating temperature typical
  • 2A or 4A contact rating
  • UL Recognized
  • M10, M12, ⅛” and ¼” threaded process connections
  • IP67 rated body


  • Pressure control
  • Safety monitoring of pressure in pipes
  • Pressure control in manufacturing systems and machinery


  • HVAC systems
  • Automotive
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Lubrication equipment
  • Industrial compressors

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