Dust collection systems are commonplace in production operations that include the processing, handling and storage of powder and bulk solid materials.

Proper cleaning operations use dust collector valves and controllers to help maintain efficient dust collector and baghouse operation.

Dust collector valves are available in a wide range of sizes and types.

BRD and BDV series are dust collector valves used specifically in dust collector and baghouse systems. The two chambers of the dust collector valves are connected together through an air passage (smaller in diameter than the pilot valve orifice when so equipped). When the orifice is opened, the air in the upper chamber is exhausted, at a much faster rate than the speed of which air enters through the air passage, therfore the air pressure in the upper chamber drops significantly.  As this occurs, the higher air pressure in the lower chamber pushes the diaphragm up allowing a large volume of air through to the bottom chamber and its outlet connected to the dust collector bags.  This sudden burst of air inflates the filter bags or “pops” the filter bags so as to shake loose accumulated material on the outside of each filter bag. When the orifice closes, the pressure in the upper and lower chambers equalize and the diaphragm returns to its original position, aided by the force of a return spring.  The dust collector valves are important components to keep dust collector systems operating efficiently and effectively.

AE series is a product line to control dust collector valves.  They provide control and sequencing capability to help maintain dust collector efficiency and effectiveness.  The AE units are programmable sequencing or differential pressure type controllers.

Dust Collector Valves
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