Panel meters are essential for communicating important process measurement information.  In analog or digital format panel meters allow easy viewing of up-to-date measurement of levels, temperature, pressure, flow and other measured variables that generate analog or other signals. Bargraph and digital indication is available from our wide range of panel meters.  They can include one or two inputs and have a great range of standard and optional features.

PB/PM Bargraph_Digital display Panel Meter

PT PID+Fuzzy Temperature Controller

Panel Meters

Plastic Relative Machines, Food Stuff Packing Machines, Pharmaceutic Machines, Electrical Components Packing Machines, Waste Water Treatment Machines, Laboratory Facilities, Industrial Boiler Machines, Shoes Making Machines, Central Security Automation Equipment, Semi-conductive, Factory Process Automation, Textile Dyeing machines, HVAC & R, Control Panel Facilities, Dryers for Bulk Materials, Baking Ovens, CNC Electric Discharge Machines...etc..

PT-7 Series

  • On / Off, PID+Fuzzy Control
  • Switching Power Supply 85~265 Vac or 18~36 Vdc
  • Auto-tuning, High Accuracy
  • Sensor Break Alarm
  • Lock Protection for Variety Parameters
  • Heating / Cooling Bi-directional Control
  • Multi-Input Signals Function
  • Heater Break Detection
  • RS485 ModBus communication
  • Size: 48(W)H48(H), 96H48, 48H96, 72H72, 96H96mm

 PT-5 Series

  • On / Off, PID Control
  • Switching Power Supply 85~265 Vac
  • Auto-tuning, High Accuracy
  • Sensor Break Alarm
  • Heating / Cooling Bi-directional Control
  • Input Compensation -99 ~ 999BC
  • Digit Filter 10~100 Times
  • Setting Range -99~999°C
  • Size: 48(W)H48(H), 96H48, 48H96, 72H72, 196H96mm

The 76 series programmable temperature controller is FineTek's high-end controller. Equipped with a 14 bit analog/ digital converter core processor and with FUZZY and improved PID calculation microprocessor, the controller is capable of fast and accurate performance with reliable results. Double row of 4 digit displays indicates Present Value and Set Value (except PT7610), enables user friendly readings and coupled with 3 buttons operation, it makes operating the controller very convenient.

53 Series programmable temperature controller is FineTek's mid-range series of controllers. It uses a 12bit analog / digital converter core processor for fast performance and provide reliable and stable results. Dual rows of 3 digits LED display gives clear and simple read outs of present value and set value. Operating by 4 buttons platform and user have ease of usage and user-friendly interface