Rotary Paddle

Rotary paddle bin level switches have been in use since at least the mid-1930’s.  Today the rotary paddle technology are some of the most state-of-the-art and capable point level sensors or level switches.  The rotary paddle is now available in a compact form, making the compact rotary paddle bin level switch ideal for some of the smallest hoppers in use.  This is particularly true for plastic processing machines.

The compact rotary paddle bin level indicator utilizes a small assembly with motor and switches prewired with a variable length electrical cable.  One such device is the SE3 series from Aplus Finetek.  The SE3 is indeed a highly reliable compact rotary paddle level switch.  This unit is available in a wide range of power voltages including DC as well as traditional AC voltages.

Being compact and small in footprint these rotary paddle devices are idea for small hoppers such as those used to feed plastic pellets material to various types of plastic processing machines including injection molding and extrusion machines.  They can be used for high and low level detection and provide automatic indication of material presence or absence.

The SE3 series compact rotary paddle bin level switch can also be provided with a locally visible LED indication of material presence/absence.  This makes the compact rotary paddle high value.  For more information on the SE3 series compact rotary paddle bin level switch refer to our product page or contact us at 815-632-3132.


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