Dust Collector Valves and Controllers

Aplus Finetek Sensor, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of its broad line of BRD/BDV dust collector valves and the AE series of sequential controllers for use in dust collectors and baghouses. The BRD/BDV dust collector valves and AE series of controller products economically assist in improving the maintenance, safety and efficient operation of dust collectors.

The BRD/BDV dust collector valves series are available in sizes ranging from ¾” up to 3”. Integrated pilot valves and many other accessory items are available for these dust collector valves. The AE series is available as a programmable sequential controller or pressure differential controller. Accessory products include level sensors and indicators, aerators and pneumatic industrial vibrators (piston and rotary types) to compliment the BRD/BDV dust collector valves.


  • Fast response, large flow volume, effective cleaning action on fabric filter.
  • Low air consumption.
  • Compatible with programmable sequential controller.
  • Ease of adjustment in jet pulse timing and duration.


  • Pulse cleaning and filtering system in dust collectors, and is also suitable for filter bags, filter barrels, flat bags, ceramic tubes and filter bags for metal fiber.

Aplus Finetek is the USA subsidiary of Finetek Ltd, a leading global manufacturer of instrumentation and other devices for the powder bulk solids industries.  For more information look at our BRD/BDV product page and contact us

Download BRD/BDV Series product sales catalog

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