The SEX Series Compact Rotary Paddle Bin Level Indicator is widely used for point level switch applications of bulk material handling, including powder and granular materials.

The SEX compact rotary paddle unit is economical and available in a variety of configurations, including Standard and High Temp version; a Reinforced Shaft Extended version; and a wide variety of paddles to handle several applications across many industries in the Plastics and synthetics; Chemical and fertilizer; Pharmaceutical; Food & beverage; Agriculture and Feed mill; Cement as well as ceramics; Powerplant and Various incinerators.

It features a rugged sealing ring to prevent dust from infiltrating the housing body along the shaft; adjustable torque; and overload protection. All units are available with a choice of power supplies, including 110VAC, 220VAC, 240VAC, 24VAC and 24VDC. Compact robust design fits virtually anywhere; unique bi-color LED (Green/Red) for local indication of material presence/absence; standard; easily adjusted sensitivity if required; folding stainless steel paddle affords installation without internal bin access. All units include a prewired electrical cable, standard length is 11.8” (300mm) and can be provided in lengths up to 16.4ft (5m). The SE3 compact rotary paddle bin level indicator is ideal for small hoppers and bins; and for instrument manufacturers requiring this niche product without the desire to develop the product line.

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