ECX Hydrostatic Pressure

Level Transmitter

The pressure transmitter is constituted by a piezoelectric semiconductor wafer bridge. Diaphragm type
pressure exerted on the diaphragm by the silicone
oil and then spread to the semiconductor electric
bridge (below) voltage is generated at both ends so
that the bridge unbalance, this does not the equilibrium potential signal via the amplifier and then
transferred into 4-20mA current signal, this signal
4-20mA indicator series to show the actual level.

The EC series is a hydrostatic pressure level transmitter for measuring the level of liquids in various tanks and other types of vessels. The EC hydrostatic pressure level transmitter consists of a piezo resistive sensor and Wheatstone bridge to directly measure head pressure exerted on the diaphragm of the EC level transmitter. When the pressure is exerted on the diaphragm, as a result of the liquid level, the pressure is transferred to the Wheatstone bridge electrical circuit through silicon oil contained in the EC sensing unit. This creates a differential voltage, which is then amplified to create a variable 4-20mA output that varies as a result of the changing liquid level. In addition, a pressure transducer is available for measuring pressure in tanks or pipes and producing a variable 4-20mA output.



  • Extension cable unit can measure in deep wells or reservoirs
  • Tank level measurement and control
  • PLC or DCS input for level control functions
  • Pressure measurement of gas or liquid (EC1500)


  • Water treatment and distribution
  • Chemical
  • Many others

Completely submersible liquid level transmitter •Wide variety of sensors, e.g. extension tube or flexible cable, standard or high temperature •Measuring range up to 328ft (100m) •4-20mA output, 2-wire loop powered •Pressure transducer also available