EDX Speed Monitor

EDX Speed Monitor

The EDX is a speed monitoring safety instrument for use in monitoring the speed of rotating devices such as rotating conveyor shafts, motor shafts, etc. The ED speed monitor will measure RPM from 1~999rpm and indicates speed on its internal display. The primary output is a 4-20mA analog signal of the measured speed that can be tied into a PLC or DCS or panel meter. An alarm relay output is also provided.


The SRS/SRT/ED belt conveyor safety products are devices used to secure the safety of belt conveyors and personnel, to enhance production, minimize downtime and increase overall operational safety. These belt conveyor safety units include safety stop switches, belt misalignment switches and speed monitors. 

  • Applications:
    • Low speed and overload protection monitoring of various conveyer systems
    • Networked circuits to form sequential start or stop
    • Frequently used machines: Grain and coal storage bucket elevators and belt conveyer

Maximum monitoring range 1~999rpm.
7-seg led display 0~999
Alarm monitoring: low speed, stop, reverse, blackout and overload.
Start up delay function allow motor to run up gradually.
Alarm delay function can avoid fault alarm which many caused by temporary slow down or load changed.
Selectable rotate direction for both CCW and CW makes installation more versatile.
Light pulses are not affected by environmental conditions.
Complementary to FineTek PB/PM series digital Panel meter to indicate speed.

Measuring Range:0~999 rpm.
7-seg led display 0~999
Alarm Set point:1~999 rpm by rotary switch.
Alarm Conditions: Under speed, standstill, power failure.
Startup Delay:0 second or 15 Seconds. Selectable
Alarm Contact Rating: SPDT 5A/250Vac.
Alarm Delay:0, 3, 6, 9,...,27 seconds. Selectable
Speed Analog Output:4~20mA
(Signal Range Selectable:100/200/500/1000rpm).
Power Supply:100~240Vac,50/60Hz
Power Consumption:6VA.
Operating Temperature: -20°C~70°C.
Housing: Cast Aluminum.
Cable Entry:1/2"NPT X 2.


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