EGX Magnetostrictive

Level Transmitter

The Aplus FineTek magnetostrictive level transmitter
identifies the level of liquids and solutions with
high precision and reliability.
This versatile sensor is ideal for continuous level
measurement of a wide range of liquids.
Application ranges from petrochemical industries,
marine and shipping to food and beverage
The FineTek magnetostrictive level sensor has
proven itself due to its durability in a wide range of
temperatures, pressures and operating conditions
as well as its low maintenance nature.

  • General pump control
  • Pump control in wastewater
  • Suitable for low specific gravity materials
  • Can handle high operating temperatures
  • Clean fluids with small process connections
  • Polypropylene, PVC and 304SS materials
  • Single or multiple float configurations
  • Microswitch, reed switch or mercury switch
  • Easy installation, affordable and durable
  • Suitable for pump control and high temperatures
  • Water and wastewater
  • Petrochemical
  • Chemical
  • Other related industries