Many Critical facilities such as hospitals, data centers, first responders, etc. rely on a diesel generator to provide power for a specified time or have provisions for extended time if necessary to accommodate for an extended operation if desired during a power outage. Different facilities with different requirements utilize an underground tank, sub-base tank, Day tank, transfer tank, and/or a combination thereof to suit their needs.

Fuel Storage

Several factors influence the requirement such as the overall design of the system; local, state and federal codes; safety and environmental factors; tank size, run time requirement, size of the generator and the load; and other factors. Choosing the right tank could be daunting at first with so many pros and cons for each design, initial investment cost, leak risk factors and detection, fire hazard, space allocation, aesthetic, shelf life, maintenance and replacement cost.

A Day Tank acts as the direct fuel source for the generator and it is usually located in close proximity to the generator; it is utilized as a standalone tank or receiving fuel from a larger fuel storage tank, or it could be a sub-base tank with provisions to be used as a day tank. A day tank is typically designed to contain a small amount of fuel which is automatically refilled through the use of pumps and controls to from the main storage tank so the generator will have ample amount of fuel to run under normal load for a specified time.

Instrumentation plays a vital role ensuring the safety of the equipment and personnel regardless of the tank selected and used; monitoring and managing spill containment; providing low alarm to ensure continuous operation in critical time and high alarm to avoid overfill and to prevent an overspill that could be hazardous and costly to clean up. Different technologies are used to monitor and control the fuel level. Some Day Tanks have float level sensors inside that maintains the low and high fuel level in the tank so when the generator starts, there is enough fuel supply ready to go. As the generator consumes fuel, the level sensor activates the pump and resupplies the tank to keep the generator fueled and running. When the tank is full, the high alarm turns off the pump to avoid an overfill. Some tanks may even be equipped with a redundant system for the high and low level. Regardless of the method used, critical facilities understand the importance and the priority to keep the fuel tank full and ready to go. Is your tank full and ready to go when you need it?

Aplus FineTek Sensor’s Instruments are widely applied in genset industrial solutions such as level monitoring, flow control and flow measurement to provide real time fuel system monitoring and operation. Aplus FineTek Sensor provides the best measurement solution with a wide range of top-quality level transmitters & level switches and flow measurement solutions to fit your application Requirement – By-pass level gauge; float level switches and transmitters; optical level sensors; guided wave radar, ultrasonic level measurement; flow switches and transmitters; and displays. It is suitable for process tanks, underground storage and above ground storage tanks with a variety of instruments to fit any application. What’s in your tank?

Case Study: National Hospital UST tank, Medium: Fuel oil, Product: Magnetic Float Level transmitter provides 4-20mA continuous signal to meter in the control room.

The FGX Series Magnetic Float Liquid Level Transmitter is a cost effective, high quality and reliable solution for use in measuring the continuously changing level of a variety of liquids within many industries including water/wastewater treatment, chemical processing, petrochemical, fuel and many general industrial and commercial level measurement applications and offers a measurement resolution of up to 0.25”.

The FGX series magnetic float level transmitter features a 2-wire 4-20mA output directly reflective of the changing level of a fluid in a tank or other type of vessel. Variety of wetted and enclosure materials and a wide range of threaded or flange process connections are available to meet the needs of virtually any installation with fluids that has Specific Gravity of ≥0.5. It can be used in a large number of possible applications to monitor continuous level of liquid in a tank including explosionproof. 

The FDX series level switch uses the principles of buoyancy and magnetism to provide a rugged and cost-effective switch. It is commonly used as a multi-level pump switch control. From one to four switch points can be provided with a single probe, requiring only one penetration into the tank, a very cost-effective solution for pump control, multipoint process control and many other applications.

The FDX series magnetic level switch can be provided with either plastic or stainless-steel materials of construction and is designed to operate with liquids having densities of S.G. ≥ 0.45.  Process connections can be either threaded or flanged of a wide range of sizes.  Anti-corrosive units, marine certified units and explosionproof versions are all available and can be optionally equipped with a manual test function for applications requiring periodic verifiable operation.

Fuel Storage

The JTR Guided Wave Radar level transmitter uses advanced echo wave processing technology with a wide range of level measuring applications and is capable of measuring the low dielectric constant of liquid level and two different liquid medium level interfaces. Guided wave radar has no moving parts and require minimum maintenance.

The product models include coaxial, tube/rod, and steel wire cable, explosion proof, sanitary, and high temperature. Suitable for high temperature and high pressure medium liquid level measurement.  Other features include cost effective 2-wire power supply to simplify installation, optionally available HART digital communications; built-in display for easy setup; 5mm measurement accuracy; and dual liquid level interface measurement

Fuel Storage

Aplus FineTek EG series magnetostrictive level sensor has proven itself due to its durability in a wide range of temperatures, pressures and operating conditions as well as its low maintenance nature. The Aplus FineTek magnetostrictive level transmitter measures the level of liquids with high precision and reliability. This versatile sensor is ideal for continuous level measurement of a wide range of liquids for a wide range of applications in a variety of industries.

The EG continuous level transmitter uses the principles of buoyancy and magnetostriction to accurately measure the changing level of liquid. The EG series includes standard, high temperature, high accuracy and anti-corrosive versions in a 2 and 4 wire design.  Variety of output options – 4-20mA Analog, MODBUS RS485 and HART signal outputs, and single or dual float versions for interface measurement. 

Case Study: Data Center Day Tank, Medium: Fuel oil, Product: Bypass Level Indicator provides visual indication as well as high and low alarm.

The EFX Series magnetic level gauge devices can be equipped for local visual indication as a standalone unit or with level magnetic switches and an electronic level transmitter output. The liquid level in the tank can easily be observed from a distant from the change of the flag color.

It is custom made to fit your application with size, material, temperature, pressure, and equipped with magnetic switches, level transmitters, flag colors, rulers, etc. as needed. These magnetic level gauge units utilize hydrostatic principle to show the liquid level in the tank and as such, it acts also as a redundant system as it is not affected by power failure.

Case Study: Data Center Day Tank, Medium: Fuel oil, Product: Ultrasonic Level Transmitter, provides 4-20mA continuous signal to the control room.

The EAX ultrasonic level transmitter is a noncontact low cost and easy-to-install level measurement device used for measuring the changing level or height of a liquid in a tank, open channels, dams and wells with little to no maintenance required.

The EAX Ultrasonic Level transmitter features 4~20mA, 2 wire output (Fully isolated) with HART; 7~30Vdc power supply; IP67 protection casing; PVDF Transducer material, False echo detection, Internal temperature compensation, 7° Beam angle, Not affected by liquid temperature, S.G, or viscosity, Digital Display, Measurement range up to 12 meters (40ft).

The JFR300 FMCW radar level transmitter is a non-contact measuring device suitable for liquid level measurement in most tanks with a range up to 12 meters. It is easy to install, convenient to maintain, and can be used in corrosive applications and in plastic storage tanks. Available in 2 wire loop power or 4 wire with RS485 communication.

Radar signal penetrates through the low dielectric constant of plastic and as such, it can be directly top mounted above the tank without drilling holes or damaging the integrity of the storage tank.

The FFX Series is a magnetic float level switch specifically designed for mounting on the side of a vessel where float orientation is horizontal. It is suitable for industrial use with a wide range of fluids where the float level switch will operate with fluid density as low as 0.25 S.G. Wetted parts material ranges from plastics, stainless steel, anti-corrosive and explosion proof types. The reed switch relies on two basic scientific principles namely: buoyancy and magnetism. A change in liquid levels raises or lowers the float up or down. The end of the pivot arm contains a permanent magnet that can repel the switch magnet. When the float magnet moves close to the switch’s stationary stem, the float magnet repel the switch magnet which either opens or closes the Electrical circuit.

The FC/FD series mini float switches are one of the broadest mini float level switches for use with a very wide range of fluids in many different applications serving a wide range of industries and applications especially those in limited spaces such as sump containment and spill containment area.

The FC is manufactured of a variety of plastic materials, while the FD is made of stainless-steel metal construction.  Both the FC and FD series feature units designed for top of tank mounting (as well as bottom in some cases) and horizontal or side mounting.  Different sizes and shapes are available.  Custom units featuring single or multiple switch points are available as well.

The FC/FD series mini float level switch employ magnetically activated reed switches for cost effective reliability. Different switch ratings and contact forms are selectable, as well as lead wire and/or cable and their length.

The SPX series thermal dispersion flow switch ensures liquid flow to several processes. Thermal dispersion flow switches have many uses; one specific application for the thermal dispersion flow switch is to ensure a positive flow of fuel oil to the Day Tank to maintain sufficient fuel oil for the generator to operate preventing a shutdown during critical conditions.

Technically they operate using thermal dispersion technology. They are solid-state sensors without any moving parts, which is one of their benefits. They detect flow / no-flow conditions for a wide variety of applications including control.

Alternatively, the EPR Series Paddle wheel Flow Meters are easy to install, ultra-compact and a great value for many full pipe liquid flow applications. The product is calibrated by professional flow test device, with the accuracy of K value reaching±3%. The measuring range is 0.3 ~10m/s, with high linearity.

Display and non-display types are available. The display type is built-in with accumulated flow storage device. It features high accuracy paddle wheel sensor, T-mount installation quick fittings, with or without 128*64 LCM Meter display. Available in pipe sizes DN20 to DN50 (3/4″ to 2″), NPN and PNP pulse output, 4~20mA analog output, wide range of voltage supply, Integrated FRAM and RS485 Modbus interface.

The SD optical liquid level switch uses the principle of total reflection in a prism. Reflection or penetration is the basis of the level alarm output. When the sensor is surrounded by air, the angle of incidence is greater than the critical angle and thus total reflection occurs. Totally reflected light will be transmitted to the receiver. Conversely, due to the refractive index of the liquid and the sensor tip material, when the sensor is surrounded by liquid almost all light will penetrate the front of the sensor. The receiver can detect and determine a light reflected or penetrated state and determines the circuit output.

The SD optical liquid level sensor is simple, compact and robust and is ideal for size restricted locations such as oil sump, spill containment, double wall tanks and double wall piping as well as a redundant pump shutoff.

Aplus Finetek Sensor, Inc. is your best partner to solve your measurement needs to maximize your operation efficiency, minimize product loss, and maintain the highest standards of safety without sacrificing quality.