Powder And Bulk Solids Conveyor Application

Many industries constantly invest in their infrastructure including mining, heavy industry, bulk solids and port equipment. The need for more raw materials to improve transportation, storage efficiency and safety has risen and become increasingly important. When ores are transported to the port, other than by trucks, the most efficient way is by using the Belt Conveyor System which establishes a continuous transportation path using open & closed conveyor belts to transport the materials to the storage warehouse.

In the belt conveyor process, the operator’s safety is the top priority. The second priority is the care and preservation of raw materials and equipment. Aplus FineTek Sensor offers Belt Misalignment Switch which automatically monitors the conveyor belt system. The SRT is designed for monitoring hazardous conditions of conveyor belt misalignment during normal conveyor operation. The SRT activates two alarm outputs when misalignment is detected, an alarm notification output and safety shutdown output. If the belt deviates, an alarm signal will sound.

Aplus Finetek Sensor also offers a safety Cable Pull Switch. If the equipment suddenly breaks down and endangers the staff, it can be quickly stopped by pulling the rope switch. The SRS is a safety stop switch designed to provide a switching system to disconnect power to a conveyor system or other process equipment in the case of an emergency condition. The SRS cable stop switches can be placed and mounted on long distances of belt conveyors. A coated steel cable can be used to activate the stop switch from long distances.

In addition, the Motor Speed Monitor can help watch over the conveyor belt system –the belt goes slack, the idler wears out, or the belt has been punctured by ores – which assists operators in handling and protecting the equipment and materials in time. The EDX speed monitor is used to monitor Low speed and overload protection monitoring of various conveyer systems or networked circuits to form sequential start or stop.

Aplus FineTek Sensor also offers switches for flow or blockage detection, which effectively control the operation procedure of both upper and lower belt manufacturing processes, thus reducing the energy consumption of the belt conveying equipment and prolonging its lifespan.

In the procedures used for producing cement, steel, concrete, glass, sand and other materials, the raw materials are passed through several stages inside storage barrels. Therefore, a Level Switch is required to provide high, low, and continuous Level Monitoring. For example, in the cement industry, Aplus FineTek Sensor offers hyper-thermal Capacitance Level Switch for high-temperature slag detection. The Rotary Paddle Level Switch is used in areas with general temperature, and the Electromechanical Level Measuring System is used for level detection and monitoring. The Air Hammer and Vibrator prevent sticking. Pneumatic vibrators will shake off the clogged or attached material and eliminate friction during automatic production. The Dust Collector prevents dust from leaking out during the pneumatic conveying process of powder.

It is equally important to pay attention to damage to the cloth bag. It will be a waste if the cloth bag is replaced too early. Aplus FineTek Sensor provides highly efficient Dust Collector Diaphragm Valves and Programmable Sequential Controllers which can be equipped with a Dust Monitoring instrument. The risk of the cloth bag breaking is detected in advance, the fan is controlled, and maintenance is performed, therefore preventing dust from polluting the factory and the factory from being fined by environmental agencies.

Fine powder material in closed belt conveyors or closed tanks may be flammable and cause explosions. Aplus FineTek Sensor provides internationally certified explosion-proof instrumentation such as cable switches, level switches and level transmitters, ensuring the safety of customers during production.

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