Materials Management in liquid or bulk solid
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Managing materials in liquid or bulk solid form requires diligence and tools for accurately measuring and recording quantities contained in tanks, bins and silos.  Materials management systems incorporate a variety of sensing technologies and provide graphical interface for operator viewing and also data management.

  • MMS system is deigned to work with Aplus Finetek level measuring sensors such as EB, EE, EG, FG and JFR series level transmitters
  • MMS system is deigned to work with Aplus Finetek EST110 and EST120 grain monitoring cables
  • Provides graphic interface and displays data
  • Industrial PC available
  • PC system requirements:
    – 1GHz or better processor
    – 512MB RAM minimum
    – Hard drive capacity, minimum 1GB
    – Serial or USB port
    – 32 or 64 bit, Windows XP, 7 and 8 compatible
  • Multiple bin and silo shapes
  • Converts level measurement to weight using your dimensions and data
  • English or Metric units
  • History charts, data exporting, alarm notification system

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