RA Air Pad

The RA series is a rectangular style bin aerator with overall dimensions of 3-3/4” x 7-1/2”. These industry standard bin aerators are used to promote the flow of powder material in bins and silos by replacing the air entrained within the bulk solid material that is lost due to settling and storage. As material is introduced into your bin or silo, the particulate is mixed with air. As the material settles, the air escapes and the material packs and behaves as a solid mass. Using low pressure air the bin aerator pad is used to introduce the air back into the powder material and return it to its original aerated and fluid state. Using this method of aeration means that bridging, ratholing and other material flow problems can be resolved efficiently and effectively.


The RA series is effective to aerate powder materials of 60 mesh
and smaller, with moisture content of 3% or less. The effective
area of operation for each aerator pad is approximately 20” in
diameter. The primary industries for use of the RA series bin
aerator product line include the following:

Concrete Production
Food & Ingredients
Specialty Chemical

RA aerator pad and accessories offer low cost efficient, fluidizing of powders through the principle of aeration
Frequency and amplitude are adjustable Industrial vibrator controllers and accessories are available.

Low cost, affordable aeration
Industry standard size, 3-3/4” x 7-1/2”
Rugged construction
Fiberglass diffuser, resists clogging
External mounting kit accessory available