SAL RF Admittance Point Level Sensor

RF Admittance Point Level Sensor

The SAL Series is an RF admittance point level sensor comprising an active probe section, guard section and grounding section with insulation sleeves between the sections. The SAL is designed to monitor for the presence or absence of a target material by detecting the change of admittance between the active and grounding sections, which is caused by the change from material presence to absence or the reverse.

The SAL Series features automatic build-up immunity which is especially helpful with target materials that are sticky or pack between the vessel wall and the probe. The guard section is used to provide this immunity and is activated with the same RF signal as the active probe section. Since current cannot flow between the same potentials, the guard section effectively blocks the current flow from the active probe through the build-up to the grounding section at the vessel wall. Therefore the guard section eliminates the sensing of the material buildup, ensuring the accuracy and application reliability of the sensor.

  • For Material Presence Detection
    • Trigger an alarm or illuminate an indicating light
    • Close a valve to shut off vessel filling of material
    • Open a valve to discharge material from a temporary storage vessel
  • For Material Absence Detection
    • Trigger an alarm or illuminate an indicating light
    • Close a valve to stop the discharge of material
    • Open a valve to begin filling vessel with material
  • Industries
    • Concrete Production
    • Cement
    • Asphalt
    • Agriculture
    • Feed & Grain Processing
    • Plastic Processing
    • Food
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Chemical
    • Ceramic
    • Water/Wastewater
    • Steel

Universal power supply 20-250VAC/VDC
Local LED indication (certain versions)
Pushbutton calibration (certain versions)
Guard section provides automatic material build-up immunity
Pushbutton test function
Independent adjustable time delay, uncovered-to-covered and covered-to-uncovered
Remote test function
Bin temperature up to 842⁰F (450⁰C) available
Standard, mini, cable and high temperature probes

Operating Temperature: Standard and High Temperature Models

Operating Pressure: 290psi (20bar)

Probe Material: 304SS/316SS/316LSS or PTFE Coated

Supply Voltage: 20~250Vac/Vdc, 50/60Hz

Output: ONE Relay Output: 5A @ 240Vac, 5A @ 28Vdc (Option: Two Relay Output) or ONE NPN/PNP Output: 400mA @ 60Vac/Vdc (Option: Two NPN/PNP Output)