SBX RF-Capacitance/ Admittance Level Switch

SBX RF-Capacitance/ Admittance Level Switch

RF-Capacitance /Admittance level switch consists of a guard section, upper insulation, main probe and grounding. The guard section is designed to overcome possible medium attachment and to secure signal accuracy. The special structure is suitable for detecting different mediums without being affected by attachments. The upper main probe, guard, and grounding are all insulated. The level of the medium can be detected by the increasing of admittance when medium reaches the main probe. The grounding and the main probe are insulated, thus the device will still function accurately and not cause false alarms when the medium attaches the probe.


Storage Tanks, Containers, Wells, Reservoirs and bins containing any liquids, powders or pellets that require precise level detection and control. Key industries include:

  • Breweries
  • Mining
  • Paint manufacturing plant
  • Coal
  • Food processing
  • Flour mills
  • Glass Industry
  • Plastics processing, polymers and synthetics
  • Chemical
  • Paper manufacturing
  • Power plants
  • Water and waste water treatment plant
  • Tar
  • Food and beverage
  • Time delay function from 0-30 seconds
  • IP65 housing protection
  • 5A/250Vac output DPDT
  • High/low failsafe
  • Alarm testing
  • Explosion Proof model available
  • Anti-Viscosity
  • Easy Installation
  • Stable; not affected by temperature
  • Highest temperature tolerance of 550°C
  • Explosion-proof 450°C
  • Applicable in liquid, syrup, solid, powder, and surface level detection
  • Main probe: SUS304 or SUS316
  • Upper Insulation: The upper insulated part of the main probe and guard section are made of PTFE or PEEK
  • Guard Section: The conductive metal probe helps to dissipate any possible presence of a false signal.
  • Lower Insulation: Due to the low k die-electric constant nature of the main probe, it is comprised of PTFE
  • Connection: 3/4"NPT(Standard model)
  • Housing: Aluminum alloy
  • Wiring point: 1/2" PT
  • Waterproof O-Ring: Rubber
  • Circuitry: FSH and FSL, Time delay adjustable function

2100/2110: Standard model ----- Applicable to normal environments.
2200: Hi-Temperature model -----Applicable to high temperature environments.
2280: Super Hi-Temperature model -----Applicable to super high temperature environments.
2500: Cable model -----Applicable to big tank and top installation environments.
2600: Mini model -----Applicable to space constraint and small tanks.
1799: Explosion proof type ----- Ex d IIB T6~T1