SCX Vibrating Probe Level Switch

The SCX vibrating probe level switch is highly versatile and can be used for almost any Bulk Solids application. This includes level detection of almost any granular, sandy, chip like, foodstuff, grain or powdery materials. The operating principle is based on the changes of vibration frequency of the tuning fork when it comes into contact with a liquid or solid material. The Vibrating probe contains piezoelectric crystals built into the vibration tube that produce vibrations/resonations at specific frequencies. One element acts as a transmitter of the signal and the other receives the signal and converts it to electrical output. When the Vibrating probe comes in contact with material the vibration is dampened and results in a frequency change which triggers the switch. It’s ideal for applications where: the dielectric constant is low (where capacitance level switches can’t be used); when material moisture content changes easily; low viscosity liquids; there is a combination of differing materials in the container/tank. The Vibrating probe provides a reliable & maintenance-free means of process control for bulk solids. Easy mounting at almost any angle and basic calibration procedures will provide reliable functioning and less required monitoring. This device can withstand tough lateral loads and static electricity. Furthermore, it eliminates the application issues associated with jamming and clogging between tines on a ‘tuning fork’ device; it is also equipped with a Fail-safe that prevents malfunctioning caused by power cuts.


Solid Level Detection

  • Powders:
    Powdered milk, flour, spices, coffee beans, coffee powder, tea, salt, sugar, grains, chocolate, Tobacco, powdered cellulose, powdered clay, polystyrene powder, dry soot, soda ash, coal ash
  • Granular & plastics:
    Gravel, glass fine power, granular plastics, foundry sand, cements, plastic pellets  
  • Chip or pellet like:
    Frozen potato chips, beans, peanuts, sweets and candy, animal / pet food, Wood shavings, chalk, steering chips, Styrofoam, charcoals
  • Voltage supply range 20~250, 50~60Hz Vac/ Vdc.
  • SPDT Relay output, SSR MOSFET output.
  • Sensitivity adjustment is available for different density mediums.
  • Low wear and tear, maintenance free and self cleaning.
  • Fine powders can be detected.
  • Euro and UL certified Models available.

Power Supply: 20~250, 50/60Hz Vac/ Vdc

Output: Relay, SPDT, 3A/250Vac, 3A/28Vdc, PNP/NPN(MOSFET)400mA/60 Vac/ Vdc

Operating Pressure: -1~150PSI (10BAR)

Operating Temperature: -40°C~80°C

Housing: IP65