TX10 isolated safety barrier

TX10 Explosion-poof Isolated safety barrier

Isolated safety barrier provides power supply to transmitters located in hazardous zone and transmit isolated supply current signal to safe zone.

Max. input 0~20mA which can be transformed to different analog outputs, such as 0~20mA / 4~20mA / 0~5V / 0~10V.

  • 1 current input port to connect with continuous current or
    current output products. Applicable for use in hazardous zone.
  • 3 output ports - relay output, current output, and RS-485.
  • LED indicator, user friendly.
  • DIP switch for function selection.
  • In house programming per customers' criteria.
  • Self-test function for system function monitoring.
  • Setting relay output as alarm for optional external sensing unit connection.
  • Optional RS-485 interface enables easy system configuration & supply current data retrieve.
  • Product design complies with explosion proof standard.