About us

About us

About us

Aplus Finetek Sensor, Inc. is the USA subsidiary of Finetek, CO., Ltd., a global manufacturer, headquartered in Taiwan, that have More than 40 years of quality innovative instrumentation for process measurement, and control solutions. This experience includes level, flow, temperature, pressure, and other related areas.

Aplus Finetek Sensor, Inc. manufactures world class standard and customized high quality measurement solutions with high precision, ease of installation, long maintenance cycle, and low cost of ownership for a wide range of industrial automation and process control applications in the liquid and solids level, flow measurement, pressure, and temperature.

Aplus Finetek Sensor, Inc. is your best partner to solve your measurement needs to maximize your production efficiency, minimize product loss, and maintain the highest standards of safety without sacrificing quality.

Mission and Goals


Innovation is our mission. Only by insisting on the pursuance of change and excellence can we ensure that our company maintains its position of sustainable growth in today’s business world where new technology is infiltrating every field and industry.

Our goal is to be recognized as a global market leader. Establishing process automation sensor integration systems which are able to cross over industry boundaries. Continue to operate as a world-class business by focusing on our customers’ needs globally.

Stability and sustainable growth, profit & success. We continue to undertake long-term strategic planning, providing clarity, direction and focus to our organization. Every year, a review of the company’s next 5 years plan is done to ensure that the business’ operations align with the organization’s goals and mission.

Customer Satisfaction (Quality)

We treat our customers as long-term partners, never as a competitor. With our dedicated support and cooperation, customers too grow together with us. This is the key to our success and the key to the company’s continued growth in the future.

We regard our customers’ problems as our own, and their needs as our opportunity. Our staff are taught to anticipate the clients’ wants and are trained to come up with solutions to problems that have not even been voiced yet. When serving our clients, we adopt a deliberate, customized and perceptive customer strategy that focuses on providing value, quality and satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is the difference between surviving and thriving. It is the key in creating long-term relationships with our customers. Hence, we have made it the responsibility of every employee to pursue and maintain the goal of “Customer Total Satisfaction”.

Profit Sharing

Employees, shareholders and interns are all important assets of the company. They are the key to success in every organization, and a contented and motivated employee/shareholder has a higher probability of making significant contributions to the company. Profits are shared among all.

We are grateful to be able to give back to society through various channels and programs and shall continue to expand our corporate philanthropy. Our business also adopts ecologically green practices, reducing harm against the environment We strive to be a socially responsible corporation.

The company adheres to its commitment to customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and the general public. All of these stakeholders are important to the success of the company, and we will continue to look after their welfare in the company.


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In order to meet the challenges of the new future, the Company strives to uphold the spirit of “Advancement & Excellence”, promoting reform and at the same time pursue quality and precision.

Through constant change, a humble, enterprising attitude and a crisis-oriented reform attitude, we can stimulate the company and all employees to grow together and achieve staff confidence, customer satisfaction, and fulfill shareholders’ business goals.

Research and innovation

FineTek is a global technology leader in process automation and control, providing world-class products & services to industrial, transportation, infrastructure and utility sectors with over 40 years of experience in research and innovation, the company continues to plan for the next decade – with heavy emphasis on industrial digitization in advancing control system technologies for food, water and energy.

Investment and Development

As the leader in the market, we will continue to invest in the development of industrial digital technology for the future. In the spirit of improvement and excellence.

The company, since 2003, had begun promoting the “Change Corporate Culture”. It is expected that the Group’s employees will follow the following four criteria that serve as the core values of the company:

Technology: Pursuing excellence, leadership in technology, customer satisfaction, creating the future.
Humanities: Ethical, upright, integrity, giving back to the community.
Environmental: Energy saving, green energy products, reducing pollution. Environmental protection.
Action: Commitment, accommodating, continuous learning, proactive.

Focusing on the Future

With consideration and respect to the past, we shall focus on the future and strive to establish a deep relationship of trust and respect with our customers.

We hope to become a permanent and important partner for customers to trust and work with, achieving together in becoming a global market leader. “Trusted Process Automation Sensor & Solutions Provider” – FineTek’s creed.