Pneumatic products

Pneumatic products
Highly strengthened aluminum body Low frequency/ continuous impact model,
BA Series Air Hammer
sudden activation/ deactivation is allowed
Frequency and amplitude of impact can be adjusted as required
Direct impact onto target object to produce the optimum vibration feedback
Pneumatic products
BV Series is a group of pneumatic industrial vibrators of the piston and rotary types.
BV Series Pneumatic Vibrator
The rotary industrial vibrators include ring, ball and turbine types.
Pneumatic products
The BRD/BDV series are used specifically as dust collector valves in dust collector systems. Each valve consists of two air chambers divided by a diaphragm. The two models, BRD and BDV, perform the same function with slightly different designs.
BRD/BDV Series Diaphragm Valve
They are used to provide a sudden burst of air pressure into dust collector filter bags for cleaning purposes.
Pneumatic products
The AE series is a product line consisting of several dust collector controllers used to sequence and control the operation of the dust collector valves.
AEX Controller for Dust Collector System
Features: Programmable sequencing and differential pressure controllers
Pneumatic products
RA Series is a rectangular style bin aerator, used primarily in concrete production plants to fluidize cement powder and fly ash. These cost-effective and reliable aerators can be used to aerate or fluidize most powders.
RA Air Pad
INDUSTRY: Concrete, Cement, Aggregate processing, Food production and Many others