Bulk Solids Flow Aids

Material characteristic (moisture, S.G., size.) and equipment design (shape, layout.) are usually the causes of medium accumulation in the pipes and tanks. By applying pneumatic vibrators in the problem area, it will provide the best solution. Pneumatic vibrators will shake off the clogged or attached material and eliminate friction during automated production.

An air vibrator is a pneumatically driven industrial vibrator that can help your production process. The air vibrator breaks clogs, promotes material flow, busts up material bridging and can help eliminate ratholing of powder materials in bins and silos. Bulk solid materials often have flow problems due to cohesion and adhesion. Cohesion is the binding and attraction between the material particles and adhesion is the sticking or attraction between the material and the bin walls.

There are two categories of air vibrators, both use pneumatic power to introduce energy into the bulk solid material in a bin, hopper or silo in order to break up the cohesive and adhesive forces, thereby promoting the bulk solid material to flow. The two categories of air vibrators are piston (also known as “linear”) and rotary.

Simply put, the piston or linear air vibrator transmits energy into the material by using the linear motion of a piston within the vibrator. The force or energy introduced into the material depends on the size of the air vibrator and the pneumatic pressure being used to power the piston linear motion. Piston air vibrators usually are available in repetitive and single-shot (hammer) types. The units providing repetitive “shots” of energy are available with either direct impact of the piston onto the bin wall through the air vibrator enclosure, or they are available as air-cushioned where the piston reciprocates against a wall of air inside the air vibrator. The air cushioned units are less noisy.

Rotary air vibrator devices come in three styles, the ball air vibrator, the roller vibrator and the turbine air vibrator.  All three use the rotation of an internal mechanism driven by pneumatic air pressure to produce the force and energy directed into the bulk solid material through the bin wall. Rotary pneumatic vibrators offer good energy and quiet operation, especially when compared to other types of pneumatic industrial vibrators.

Piston (linear) or rotary style, air vibrators are problem solvers.  Do you have a bulk solids flow problem you need to resolve?  Consider air vibrators. Aplus Finetek Sensor offers the BVP and BAH piston style air vibrators and the BVK, BVR and BVT rotary style air vibrator units. The B series pneumatic industrial vibrators are cost-effective and reliable devices for assisting the discharge of bulk solid materials from bins, hoppers and silos. 

The BVP series is an air-cushioned low frequency piston type (BVP) industrial vibrator. Direct impact onto target object to produce the optimum vibration feedback. Direct impact of piston impact type can get rid of rust and material attachment inside the pipes, and low S.G, high moisture material, and material built-up in the tank.

The BAH single impact model of air hammer imparts on one specific target spot. Air Hammer impact will not separate water out of humid mixtures. It is often applied onto pipe or elbow clean, and tank filled with humidity or small S.G. Material.

The BVK series pneumatic ball vibrator is the best choice for bridge-break in thin wall, small tank. This model can be used in vibrating separator, vibrating conveyor, automatic component arrangement, electroplating built-up, protection material packing process, process molding. 

The BVR Series pneumatic roller vibrator with its high vibration frequency can prevent material jam in pipe delivery; it can also be applied in bridge-break, concrete injection operation process.

The BVT series pneumatic turbine vibrators are best used in low noise environment. It is usually installed on vibrating separator, conveyer, automatic arrangement machine, packing machine, filling machine etc.

The RA is a rectangular aerator pad is the standard in concrete batching plants. These industry standard bin aerators are used to promote the flow of powder material in bins and silos by replacing the air entrained within the bulk solid material that is lost due to settling and storage. As material is introduced into your bin or silo the particulate is mixed with air. As the material settles the air escapes and the material packs and behaves as a solid mass. Using low pressure air, the bin aerator pad is used to introduce the air back into the powder material
and return it to its original aerated and fluid state. Using this method of aeration means that bridging, ratholing and other material flow problems can be resolved efficiently and effectively.  Our RA aerator pads is industry standard size for a wide range of applications to aid flow by adding the lost air back into the material in containment thus promoting flow.

For more information on the BVP, BAH, BVK, BVR, BVT series and RA visit the Pneumatic Products page or contact us at (909) 598-2488.

Bulk Material Flow Aids. Flow aids and aerators are installed within material hoppers, silos, bins and chutes and are responsible for continuous discharge and dosage to downstream areas of a facility’s processing system.