SRS Conveyor Safety Cable Pull Switch

SRS Safety Cable Pull Switch

The SRS is another of the belt conveyor safety products, this is a safety stop switch designed to provide a switching system to disconnect power to a conveyor system or other process equipment in the case of an emergency condition. A coated steel cable can be used to activate the stop switch from long distances.  The SRS cable stop switches can be placed and mounted on long distances of belt conveyors.


The SRS/SRT/ED belt conveyor safety products are devices used to secure the safety of belt conveyors and personnel, to enhance production, minimize downtime and increase overall operational safety. These belt conveyor safety units include safety stop switches, belt misalignment switches and speed monitors. 

Universal design for bi-direction activation
Compact design for tight-fit areas, IP67 rugged die cast aluminum housing
Manual reset lever
Easily orientated at either end or intermediate position in pull cable run
Two micro switches for shutting down system
Highly visible red arm easily shows condition of the switch, including alarm normal